Before I Turn to Dust

by Flesh and Soul

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Dan Szetela
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Dan Szetela "FFO: Set it Straight" got my hopes up and Before I Turn to Dust does not disappoint. Favorite track: What Happened?.
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Songs tracked, mixed, and mastered at Jake's house


released August 4, 2015


all rights reserved



Flesh and Soul San Antonio, Texas

Real, passionate hardcore music played by Jake, Forrest, Pat, Jesse, and Rick.

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Track Name: As I Dream
Sunrise, sunset
Another day has escaped me
And I took it for granted
All of the sudden I'm 25
Yesterday I was 15

Will I sleep away the night, and, before I shut my eyes, make an empty promise to myself? Not this time. I will fulfill that which I set out to accomplish.

Right now, at this moment, I still have time. And as surely as the earth spins, I will fulfill that which I set out to accomplish.

Tonight while I dream a dream beyond the heavens, I will grow wings not made of wax but steel, and tomorrow...

I'll soar beyond the apathy
I'll soar beyond the anxiety
So close to the sun
So full of Life

This I promise. This I vow.
Track Name: Brothers Forever
This moment was ten years in the making
I still look back on those high school years with fondness
Even though a lot has changed, a lot has stayed the same

And I want to thank you for being the person that you are
you’ve earned my trust and my respect and you’ll always be in my heart

I hope you can say the same for me
I’ve learned from my past mistakes
i hope you can say the same for me
I’ve learned a lot

A lot has changed
A lot remains unchanged

Do you remember that time in your room
We wrote an EP in two days
No one ever sang on it
It was the first time that we made music
No earplugs, ringing ears

Do you remember that time?

Do you remember how we used to skate just outside your neighborhood?
I never thought those times would end
And ten fucking years? It’s crazy to say it aloud

Time changes a lot
But i feel proud to say
We’re just as close as
We were in the past

A lot has changed
A lot remains unchanged
Like the bond we have
Track Name: Inside and Out
Your beauty exceeds that of the stars at night or the sun as it rises
Every fiber of your being is worthy of worship
Your love and kindness penetrate even the darkest parts of my heart
Your smile is a priceless work of art

So stand tall...

and command respect
Because you deserve it

Promise me that you'll always remember this
And that you'll believe it at all times

You have to know, when I sing about you, the words are the easiest to find

You are beautiful
Inside and out
Track Name: Rise and Live
Not here to judge
But offer a helping hand
I've had trials of my own
I've felt so alone
Felt like ending it all

I've felt the heat
Beating down from the sun
Before my life had even begun
But I've learned not to let
Those negative thoughts win

Rise and live
You have to fight
Track Name: Before I Turn to Dust
The sky is painted a deep red
I'm too busy admiring to hear a word you said
Sometimes I just need a moment
To wrap my head around
All that I see

And find out what it means to me
I want to make the most of it

Before I turn to dust

Before I'm lowered into the ground
Or cast out into the sea
I want to say that I have found
Exactly what it means to be me

I want to make the most of my time
Before I turn to dust
Track Name: What Happened?
Is it too much to ask for a little respect? At least spell out what it is you regret. And what made you walk away? I can't believe it was so easy just to cut me off.

There is no loyalty. My heart breaks to pieces when I consider the past. I'm sick to my stomach when I think about the ease with which you tuned me out.

There is nothing uglier to me than a fucked up friendship. I hate the sight, feeling, the nature of it.

My heart is far too big for this
That's why I can't stand the emptiness
But that's why I can still forgive
And move on despite the weight of this

But honestly, honestly, honestly, what the fuck ever happened to respect and loyalty?
Track Name: Colors of Life
Not all hope is lost
Not everything is bad

On occasion I'm surprised by humanity's capacity to love
Every once in a while
I can see that hate and anger aren't the only emotions people feel
I thought this world was depraved and black
But shades of gray exist in which people thrive

Not all hope is lost
Not everything is bad

I'm taken aback in those moments when cynicism is destroyed by humanism
And I realize that life's colors shine on a continuum
It isn't always black
Track Name: Small Rectangular Objects
Too much time wasted
Entertaining ourselves
Not enough time spent
Educating ourselves

I could live without the incessant asininity on the television screen. I'd survive without those fucking magazines.

I would be just fine without celebrities
I think we need new heroes
Ignorance: the seed of mediocrity
Don't associate me with that lunacy

Twenty-first century ideology matches our pathetic psychology: feed me, entertain me, as long as it comes easily.

I would be just fine without celebrities
I think we need new heroes
Ignorance: the seed of mediocrity
It grows

Read to me
I can't do it on my own
Track Name: The Great Schism
I'll never understand the materialism you endorse
All the dollars that you chase
When you know moments wasted can't be replaced

It's the difference between us
The schism, a classic case
These irreconcilable notions
Staring me in the face


Chase that dream into the ground
Thereafter I'll never see you around
Some things never change

So If I'm lost (I'll) never be found
To these ideas (I'm) forever bound
Some things never change

It just doesn't suit me
I have too much on my mind
Things besides money I'd rather find

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